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Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Bitskraft provides digital transformation in the Insurance Industry by helping insurers solve complex business issues.

The insurance industry is on the brink of a complete digital transformation. Traditional business models are giving way to paradigms such as connected insurance, user-based policies and digital underwriting. Insurance customers demand customized, on-demand service. The types of risks covered are also changing, creating new business opportunities for insurers.

Insurers are turning to digital solutions to remain profitable in the face of strict regulatory standards, while managing complex portfolios in a persistently low interest rate environment. They realize the need to forge better relationships with customers in order to remain competent. Companies are using emerging technologies, including AI, Big Data and Analytics, to automate claims processing, boost risk management and streamline overall operations.

Bitskraft helps insurers solve complex business issues such as Digital Transformation, Customer Experience Development, Speed-to-Market, Underwriting Profitability, Operational Performance, Distribution Effectiveness and Claim Optimization. Our industry experience reaches across the insurance value chain, from intermediaries, brokers, reinsurers, regulators and independent software vendors. Our IT services and solutions for the insurance industry can help you achieve successful digital transformation journey while offering superior customer experience.

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