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Welcome to Bitskraft Industries

Banking & Financial Services

Bitskraft helps financial services organization to meet the new demands of the market and thus have a lasting business impact.


Bitskraft provides digital transformation in the Insurance Industry by helping insurers solve complex business issues.


Bitskraft helps educational institutions connect learners with richer experience, leverage educators & optimize operations.

Life Science & Health Care

Bitskraft Healthcare IT Services will help hospitals increase back-office efficiencies, improve patient experience, provide preventive care, & improve long-term care.


We can help you adapt digital transformation strategy that is tailored to your specific business need.

Public Sector & Government

We introduce business best practices & industry approaches to meet specific criteria at various levels of government structure, including state, provincial & federal levels.


Bitskraft can help you in the implementation of agile, secure data management solutions and services.

Media Entertainment

Bitskraft Media Entertainment implements a digital ecosystem that empowers content producers, broadcasters and distributors to personalize the viewer experience.

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